They make your garments.

Love for what we do, respect for our customers, commitment to society and consideration for the environment: That is Leonisa. In each production plant, in each workshop, in each distribution center, in each company office, we give our best every day with the sole purpose that our products not only meet your expectations, but also exceed them.

A Humane Company - Benefits

At Leonisa we want to show the world how we produce the best girdles and underwear. We value our employees by giving them excellent working conditions, working together for constant growth for them, for the Company and for society. This is how the people who make your garments work:

1. Food

Leonisa workers have the opportunity to consume complete meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) according to the different work shifts, free of charge. The menus offered are designed by nutrition professionals and are prepared by a prestigious institutional food firm.

2. Forgivable Study LoansWork

Leonisa promotes the development of itsCommunity, for which it offers study loans for the worker, their spouse or one of their children, without interest and forgivable according to the student's academic performance.

3. Aid

In the worker's maternity and marriage events, or in the event of illnesses or high-cost treatments for members of her close family, Leonisa grants financial aid, in addition to absenteeism leaves for a specified number of working days.

Likewise, to accompany the families of the workers who die, Leonisa grants life insurance.

4. Spaces for meeting, recreation and recognition

As a gesture of gratitude and recognition of the contribution of the Work Community to organizational development, Leonisa has established different social events during the year: Celebration of Mother's Day, Celebration of Children's Day, Act Recognition of Labor Achievement, New Year's Eve Party, Children's Visit to the Company. 

5. Health

The health of the workers is a constant interest of Leonisa, that is why annually it covers the practice of an early detection test or prevention activity. It also covers the expenses for the acquisition of glasses or contact lenses for those who require it, and grants forgivable loans to practice refractive surgery.

6. Home Loans

Through the Urrea Arbeláez Corporation, Leonisa workers can access home loans with a very competitive interest rate and a fixed monthly installment, paying off their loan in six or seven years. Currently, almost all of Leonisa's workers have their own home.

7. Bonuses

In order for her workers to have more resources on certain special dates, Leonisa grants different bonuses: in December, an extra-legal bonus; in the vacation season, a value equal to that saved by the worker in this concept; and when the five-year career has been completed, an ascending value in accordance with it. 

8. Mutual Investment Fund and Employees Fund

Leonisa encourages the savings of its workers, through sponsorship of the Employees Fund “FONELSA” and the Mutual Investment Fund “FOMIL”. Likewise, it grants an important monthly contribution to each member of the Mutual Investment Fund "FOMIL".

9. Education

The Urrea Arbeláez Corporation supports the Emprendiendo con Felicidad project, a social inclusion initiative that facilitates the access of women entrepreneurs to the digital world. Aimed at our force of buyers, it aims to promote their personal, family and business growth. It contains free virtual courses with good practices in different topics of interest, with the possibility of interacting with the members of the Network and having help in real time.